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The case study program uses the latest in sleep science, psychology and sleep technology to help you optimize your sleep. Participants must apply and be approved for the program.
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Devin burke
"Sleep is the foundation that health and high performance is built on. Great days start with great sleep"
Devin Burke is a sleep optimization researcher and has an extensive and intense interest and experience in sleep optimization. He is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, holds multiple health certifications and is the founder of Sleep Science Academy which helps people improve their sleep and performance.
The Complete Step-By-Step Natural SLEEP Enhancement Protocol Using Lifestyle, Nutrition, Training, and Intelligent Supplementation Strategies
Improve your sleep and performance through a cutting edge 8 week online program that combines online sleep education, personal sleep coaching and the latest in sleep tracking technology.

The case study includes 8 sessions delivered over an 8 week period. In each module, you'll watch a series of videos then take action on the recommendations.

You'll also receive personalized recommendations, feedback, and support via weekly personal and group sleep coaching!

The need for sleep never goes away – especially if you’re pushing yourself creatively, professionally or athletically. 

In this program, you will learn how to optimize the 1/3rd of your life spent sleeping to enhance the other 2/3rds spent awake.
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*This sleep case study is limited to 20 high performers
Who we are looking for…
Entrepreneurs, business owners, high performers (those who excel beyond standard norms,) athletes, biohackers, and those interested in experiencing more energy, creativity, productivity, and health.
Apply if you are interested in... 
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Increasing and balancing your hormones 
  • Increasing your creativity and cognitive performance
  • Increasing your memory and recall
  • Increasing your focus and productivity
  • Increasing your athletic performance (strength, agility, speed, reaction time, and overall fitness)
  • Increasing your life and healthspan (quality of life)
8 Week Program Curriculum 
Optimize Your Night To Win Your Day™
Case Study Module Outline
Week 1: Start Here

What is sleep? Why is it essential to high performance?

Reading your personal sleep data and understanding how well you slept

Sleep foundations - The Sleep Triangle 

Week 2-4: Psychological SLEEP Elements

How to harness the power of your mind to enhance sleep and performance

How to stop a busy racing mind at night

Retraining the mind and body to rest, recover and relax

Advanced relaxation techniques for optimizing deep sleep

Week 4-6: Physiological SLEEP Elements

How to leverage your personal chronobiology

How to use food to enhance sleep


How to use exercise to get deeper sleep

Best sleep supplements and how to use CORRECTLY for sleep optimization

Creating an optimize PM sleep routine

Week 6-8: Environmental SLEEP Elements

Creating an optimal sleep sanctuary 

Learn the science of sleep optimization to access your very best when you're awake. Sleep is the foundation of personal performance, and with our scientifically-tested principles you'll learn the skills to perform at your absolute best every night and day.

Advanced Sleep Tracking

We use the latest in sleep science and sleep tracking wearable technology available.

Expert Coaching + Support

Get the accountability, strategies and tools you need to be able to rest deeper and wake up refreashed to fuel your performance.

Proven Curriculum

The curriculum is built on decades of sleep science information to give you just want you need to optimize your sleep.


Fill out the sleep case study program application.


We will review your application and if you're a fit set up a call to speak with you further.


If you qualify for the program you will be given next steps on the call.
 Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the program for?
Entrepreneurs, business owners, high performers (those who excel beyond standard norms,) athletes, biohackers, and those interested in experiencing more energy, creativity, productivity, and health. Those who want to maximize their sleep to perform at their highest capacity when they are awake. 

Why do we have an application? This program takes a commitment and habit change. Filling out the application for the High Performance Sleep Program is the first step toward the longer commitment of the work you’ll do in the eight-week course. The deadline for the Sept. 1st start date is 11:59 pm ET on August 21st, 2019.

When does the program start and finish?
The program starts Sept. 1st and ends Oct. 27th

How is the program delivered?
It's delivery totally online. There are 8 modules and each week a new module gets unlocked. We will explore specfic sleep challenges and data. If you are selected, you'll have unlimited access to this program after the 8 weeks.

What is the time commitment for the program? 
We recommend setting aside 1-2 hours per week for course content and implementation. Most principles take about an hour to complete.

Is there a cost?
Particpants will have to purchase or own a Oura ring which cost $250 with my partner discount.

What is the refund policy? 
Our goal is for the program to fit your personal needs and definition of finding your best nights rest. If you are not satisfied with the program, within 30 days of beginning the program we’ll gladly issue you a refund. We’re on the path to high performance ourselves, and value any feedback around how we can improve our product.

Have more questions?
You can email if you have questions regarding the program.
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