Our Mission
Our mission is to give people the tools and support they need to stop suffering and start sleeping. 

We believe great days, start with great sleep. 

We are committed to helping our clients get the sleep they deserve to fuel better productivity, performance, health and happiness... we guarantee it.

Though our sleep solutions we help our clients get and stay asleep each night even if they’ve “tried everything” and have been struggling for years.
We Believe
We are the best in the world at helping people get and stay asleep so that they can show up as the best version of themselves. 

That sleep is the foundation that extraordinary health and high performance are built on. It's the most powerful natural performance enhancer known to mankind and is the #1 performance enhancing activity you could do.

Our bodies know how to sleep yet modern life has gotten in the way.  Nature leaves clues and when we look to nature we find the answers.

Sleep happens naturally when the body and mind are brought back into balance.

Great sleep happens the moment you wake up and great days start with great sleep.

Sleep is absolutely critical to our mental, emotional and physical performance and when you’re not sleeping you can’t bring your best to your family, business/career or or perform at your highest level.

We fix sleep with science. We pair proven methods backed by science with the most cutting-edge sleep technology to help our clients understand their sleep at a deep holistic level. 

We address sleep holistically by looking at the physiological, psychological and environmental imbalances that keep us awake. 

Approaching sleep holistically means we look at how every aspect of your life affects your sleep NOT just give you an expensive machine or pill and show you the door. 

When you implement cutting-edge sleep strategies, the most advanced sleep technology and world-class coaching you simply get results.

That’s the reason so many of our clients are overcoming years of chronic insomnia and suffering within just the first few weeks of working with us.

We actually care about our clients and our client's results.  
Who We’re For…
Those ready to stop suffering and start sleeping. If you are ready to finally solve your sleep challenges and experience a massive breakthrough in your mind and body, we can help you.
If that’s you, then call to speak to us by clicking here!

Disclaimer: Overcoming insomnia takes effort. We coached every one of our clients through challenges to find success. If you are looking for "easy” and are not 100% committed to solving your insomnia please look elsewhere. 
Welcome to Sleep Science Academy
Devin Burke
Chief Energy Officer of Sleep Science Academy 
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